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PT. Cipta Nuansa Lestari

Owens Corning Tile

Owens Corning is a global company that develops and manufactures fiberglass insulation, roofs and composites. Choosing a good roof is the perfect opportunity to improve the quality of your home as a whole. The roof of the house is the most important part of each building in terms of appearance and function itself. Owens Corning tiles are imported directly from America which can be the main choice because they have many advantages over other tiles. This flat tile is made from quality asphalt content such as fiberglass and grannual rocks that are coated with anti UV.

Owens Corning tile is resistant to all weather conditions, also resistant to vibrations such as earthquakes and long-lasting and long-lasting life. Tile that is flexible because it can be adjusted to the design of the roof of a house, can be applied to wooden roofs, mild steel and many more. Get the tile at PT. Cipta Nuansa Lestari for quality products and easy installation and does not take long.