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Bitumen Roof

Selling Bitumen Roofs

One of the more durable roof options for flat roofs is Bitumen Roof. It is one of the best roof choices at the moment, the bitumen roof itself is made of various material mixtures. This type of roof has many color variations such as brick red, moss green, brown and black. The installation is easy, almost the same as the zinc roof. The structure in general is usually made of wood, concrete, or mild steel. This type of roof is corrugated in the form of sheets and made from a mixture of natural fibers and asphalt.

In addition to its light weight, we sell bitumen roofs that are strong and not easily broken because they contain asphalt and cellulose fibers. The structure of the bitumen base material is processed by high pressure and heating techniques so that this type of roof is more flexible, strong, and not easily broken. In order not to be slippery, the surface is given a resin and textured layer whose function is to prevent leakage and water seepage from the roof body.