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PT. Cipta Nuansa Lestari

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PT. Cipta Nuansa Lestari (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Welcome to PT. Cipta Nuansa LestariPT Cipta Nuansa Lestari which was established in 2000 is a company engaged in construction specializing in Flat Tiles, Asphalt Roofs, Asphalt Shingles Roofing, Owens Corning brand of Bitumen Tiles which is the No. 1 tile in America.Owens Corning Global has been established for more than 80 years and has become a leading company spread in 37 countries around the world.PT Cipta Nuansa Lestari has a team of reliable technicians who are experienced in work ranging from mounting frames to tiles with the guarantee that the installation does not leak up to 20 years.Product quality accompanied by a reliable workforce makes PT Cipta Nuansa Lestari believed to be a business partner of leading housing contractors throughout Indonesia.Please contact us to get measurement services for free, without any fees. Send a complete roof plan with shapes, sizes and angles to Our team will provide estimates of the use of materials needed with detailed price quotes to be your consideration in decision making.Please contact us: 0812 9795 6588 0899 990 8111Find our best range of products (corning asphalt owens tiles, flat tiles, cti asphalt tiles, imported tile roofs, imported tiles, flat asphalt roofs) with the best quality and selling price you can get.

Jl Paradise 8 Blok F14/20 Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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